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R.S. Guleria (Scientist & Herbalist, Kangra Herb)

(By RS Guleria) The lower middle class and middle class people sacrifice their lives to give better education to their children. Some of them look after their parents and family once they become financially independent. However in doing so, they migrate to polluted cities. The vegetable and eatable supplied in these cities are laced with poisonous pesticides. Fruits ripened with banned chemicals, milk, ghee, edible oils are adulterated with synthetic material which takes a toll on their health.
Taking a break from these dirty surroundings and a hectic lifestyle, they escape to hill stations on weekend getaways to have fun and rejuvenate themselves in group. They visit unplanned hill stations or clubbing the weekend and find themselves in the middle of never ending traffic jams and adulterated food.
Climate changes and hostile weather is also contributing in playing spoilsport to their so called relaxing trip. The writer RS Guleria and his group pondered over overcoming the problems of the city dwellers who wants to make their trips memorable. The first thing that was done was providing them organic seasonal food. The seasonal green vegetables are full of anti oxidants; their food value and alkaline nature is must for a human being. Things like milk and ghee is also available in limited quantity from desi cows, their feed is homemade and laced with important herbs.
ACCOMMODATION: It isn’t possible in hotels and cities to follow the vastu rules. The first rule is – your room should be airy and full of sunlight which keep python genetic microbes away from the room. The second rule of vastu says that – local material should be used in construction to neutralize climate change and changing weathers. The third rule is that – there should be no polluted nalas in the surrounding; natural spring water is the best for the consumption for human being instead of RO water.
In every season more than 100 variety of herbs and medicinal plants are grown in the campus of the Kangra Herbs. Daily hawana for the purification of the air is performed and despite facing great difficulties, natural spring water with TDS 70/100 is made available. At Kangra Herb, the three principles has been followed.
The persons coming for rejuvenation are found to carry lot of heavy metals in their system which they have ingested in cities. These are removed through the various steps of DASHKARMA. Special royal herbal bath to detoxify entire blood in the body is also provided to balance the bodily equilibrium. By these process, entire body starts intaking oxygen. Oh YES, groups can also come and experience what we have to provide. BREATHING O3 is also served in Kangra Herb menu. Along the Kangra Herb location, the famous Gaj river flows which is still in a pristine form. The guests are taken for a bath with all the required precautions.
Surprisingly half an hour bath under the guidance of our experts, the “Three Dosha” combination is broken which means that heart, liver and brain is immediately rejuvenated by 20%. VAT PIT KAF are separated by different juices and tea. “KARA” made from fresh rare Himalayan herbs takes care of agitated Vat Pit Kapha to get quick results.
Inhaling of few herbs can also take care of old age Migraine problem within hours. Few drops of special herbal oil which is poured inside the nasal region is used to declog out dirt, which people have ingested in cities!!!!!! Your snoring problems will come down too.
Majestic valley of Kangra is snow laden for almost 10 months of the year. The site of Kangra Herb is selected in such a way that it is free from fear of land slide, cloud-burst or other similar kind of disasters. We have chosen the foot hills in the village Durgella, Tehsil Shahpur District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.
PREFERRED DESTINATION FOR MARRIAGES: Few wise people have started taking decision of destination marriage of their children at Kangra Herbs. Apart from natural beauty, few steps of Dashkarma in fresh air, herbal organic food, free consultation and naadi parikshan (diagnosis), staying in vastu clear rooms and coupled with adventures under the guidance of Kangra Herb experts is in the menu. Sightseeing, devotion pilgrims are also clubbed during their stay.
If you and your children are adventurous and love serenity, they will give a lot of credit to Kangra Herbs efforts. And of course those who want to construct a room or home will also be enriched with lots of ideas to make their home look like a home, not just a house. Those who have small piece of land can be given free of cost training for herbal organic, green vegetables cultivation, seed, “Vriksh Ayurved”. Plantation is also provided at a very low cost.
In the end, two most dreaded things Cancer and Heart Attack can be taken care as our root cause and diet chart will help the guests in saving their family from fatal diseases. So why only photographs and selfies, enrich yourself with natural rejuvenation, detoxication without compromising on your adventurous zeal.

Village Durgella, Tehsil Shahpur, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh PIN 176206
Corprate Office: 390, Pocket C-8, Sector-8, Opp. Metro Pillar No. 377, Rohini, New Delhi-110085 (INDIA)
Phone – 011-27948956/57 Mob – 09555778800
Contact: 09555778800, Whatsapp your query @ 09999332429

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