Wild Flowers of Himachal Pradesh

The state is home to neumerous blooming flowers

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As the spring heads, the valleys come alive with thousands of blooming flowers especially the wildflowers and all eyes turn to the hills. Often we overlook the wildflower blooms that happen in different destinations but these blossoms are well worth planning a trip around. The wildflower species that can be easily spotted across the hills of Himachal Pradesh are:

Rhododendron: It is the state flower of the hill state. Usually these flowers are grown at places of high altitude ranging between 1800-2800 meters. This flower is extensively used for making juices, Squashes, chutneys and other beverages. Rhododendron flowers hold great health assets and are used as a traditional medicine for curing common cold, asthma and digestive disorders.

Wild Primula: Found all over Himachal wild primula is one of the most attractive native wildflowers. They begin to flower in early March and continue well till July. Blooming of these flowers are a sign that the spring is here.

Dog Violet: These purple colored flowers can be found in different habitats including woodland, grassland, moorlands, and old pastures. Usually having heart shaped leaves, this flower remains favorite with honeybees and other insects as it smells sweet. The flower is very useful in homeopathic remedies for skin, eye and ear troubles.

Butterfly Bush: Butterfly Bush is a deciduous shrub plant that is found in elevation between 900-2400 meters. Needing full sun and well-drained soil to grow, this flower attracts many birds and butterflies. Butterfly bushes grow from 6 to 12 feet tall with a spread of 4 to 15 feet.

Wild Strawberry: Specie of strawberry native of Himalayas these flowers can be found at an elevation of 1800-3800 meters. This flower holds medicinal values and is useful in curing diarrhea and urinary infections.


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