Know an NGO: “Sarvahitey”

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“Know an NGO” is a fresh initiative by The Traveller Trails to promote and thereby support NGOs involved in volunteer tourism and/ or upliftment of the society. We aspire to recognise model NGOs by featuring them in each of our coming editions. We believe creating awareness will aid such NGOs in reaching the larger section of the society. The Traveller Trails presents to you the noble stories that seldom get told. In this edition we are featuring NGO Sarvahitey.

“Sarvahitey” a Sanskrit term is a combination of two smaller words: “sarva” and “hit”. While “sarva” means “all”, “hit” implies “welfare”. In all fairness, “Sarvahitey” means “in the welfare of all”. Sarvahitey was formed keeping in view the fact that a majority of the Indian population is devoid of basic needs. The basic infrastructure to realise these needs are also wanting. With a group of socially conscientious members at its core, Sarvahitey is striving to cater to the underprivileged and their needs. The NGO has steadily succeeded in building self-sufficiency in the underprivileged, so that they can fulfil their personal, familial, financial and societal obligations.

Over the last couple of years, Sarvahitey has initiated various innovative techniques of teaching involving interactive education, learning through practical experience, sharing of experience with the students and other technological developments like teaching through projectors.

Along with curricular subjects, they aim to aid in opening the minds of the youth, for a bright future. In the pursuit of benefiting all with education, the volunteers are focussed to teach underprivileged students from culturally, economically and socially diversified backgrounds.

Project Paper Bridge – Bridging The Country With Libraries
One of Sarvahitey’s primary vision is to materialise the ability to nurture oneself. They believe this can be achieved by the basic parameter of education.

With a motto to bring easy access of education to individuals of rural India, it has successfully built about one hundred community libraries in remote areas of Himachal Pradesh, Nagaland, J&K, Jharkhand, Haryana, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The objective is setting up one thousand such libraries all over India. This course of action shall help individuals in the short-run and will be beneficial for the country in the long-run.

Community Welfare
The NGO is focussing on the climatic changes occurring globally. Its negative effects are impacting the lifestyle of the people of the world and is driving us to towards an uninhabitable environment.

Sarvahitey, to negate the effects of those who are financially motivated and couldn’t care less about the environment is dedicating its efforts towards building a resilient approach towards pollution. Sarvahitey organizes various campaigns on a regular basis to better the condition of the environment and create awareness.

Ad-Hoc Projects
Raising and funding donations towards flood, earthquakes and other forms of natural calamities or force majeure. Recent campaign: Assam floods, 2019.

Contact Information:
F 56, Sector 51, Noida, Uttar Pradesh-201301.
Phone: +91-8285423423, +91-7982580798


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