Sirmaur – A Lesser Known Stop

An Unexplored area of Himachal

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Sirmaur is a relatively unexplored area of this Himalayan state. Founded in 1090 AD by Raja Rasaloo of Jaisalmer, it became an 11 Gun Salute princely state in British India. Sirmaur remains an agriculture dominated district where people cultivate potatoes, ginger, tomatoes, apples, mangoes and peaches in the Rajgarh region also named as “Peach Bowl” of India. Nahan is the headquarters of district founded Raja Karam Prakash in 1621 AD.

Sirmaur is a well-known place with some of the most beautiful hideaways. Tourism is steadily picking up at this place. And the place has lot to offer ranging from pilgrimage to wildlife. Some of the places worth visiting in this region are:
Renuka Ji Lake: Renuka Ji Lake is shaped like a sleeping woman and is the largest natural lake in Himachal. Renukaji is the wife of the Sage Jamadagini and the Mother of Parshurama. It is considered as the place of birth of Parshuram, the sixth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.  Each year in the month of November a fair is conducted which celebrates the immortality of Renuka and her son.

Churdhar Sanctuary: Churdhar is the highest peak in Sirmaur. Churdhar is one of the most challenging and mesmerizing trek offering some of the panoramic views. The valley is abounded by different birds and animals. Some of the rarest herbs and medicinal plants are also found. The cult of Shrigul Devta one of the deities of Himachal dominates the tradition, culture and festivals of the area.

Gurdwara Paonta Sahib: Guru Gobind singh Ji who is the tenth Guru of Sikhs is the person in whose memory this sacred Gurudwara is built and makes it one of the most revered shrines of the Sikh Religion. It is said that Guru Gobind Singh lost an ornament here that he used to wear on his foot, hence named as Paunta.

Other than these places Sirmaur is a home to many temples like Jagannath temple, Trilokpur temple. Saketi Fossil Park is yet another attraction for the visitors adding to its charm.


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