Serolsar Lake- Home to Mother of Nag Lords

Must visit place

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The oak forest way to the sacred Serolsar lake lays away from the shore of the city, resting in the land of “Gods and Goddesses”-Kullu.The deodar, kharsu oaks and rock cut curves takes you to the serene Serolsar lake,which has a tiny temple of Buddhi Nagin around,devoted to Goddess Buddhi, known as the mother of 60 Nag Devatas.The trek to the mysterious Serolsar lake is 6km from the village of Shoja and from Jalori pass.The trek is of one day, which is worth enjoying the cool climate than the rest of the city, the icy mountains reflecting in the waters of the lake, long kharsu trees of height above 10000ft surrounded by giving the views of Sutlej and Thirthan valley. The temperature stays very cool all round the year and snowfalls up to 5to8ft. Advised, best visit during the summers.


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