Dalai Lama – Ocean Of Wisdom

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In Tibet it is believed that Dalai Lama is a manifestation of Buddha of compassion who chooses to be re-birthed in the service of humanity. Dalai Lama means “Ocean of Wisdom”.

“Tenzin Gyatso” born on 6th July 1935 in a small village of Tibet is 14th reincarnation of the original Dalai Lama. He was originally named as Lhamo Thondup which mean wish fulfilling gem. At age of 2 he was recognized as reincarnation of 13th Dalai Lama. He took the throne at age of 4 and became a monk at the age of 6. On 17th November 1950 he was officially crowned as the progressive leader of Tibet at the age of 15. At the age of 25 he completed his doctorate degree (Buddhist Philosophy).

In 1956 Dalai Lama visited India to attend 2500th Buddha Jayanti. He was forced into exile in 1959 after the Chinese military invasion in Tibet. He was provided asylum with his followers in India. Ever since he is residing in Dharamshala aptly known as “Little Lhasa” and the place came to be known as the seat of Dalai Lama which is attracting people on a global level to seek his blessings.

Dalai Lama with the help of Pandit Nehru provided a special sector for Tibetan Education within Indian ministry of education. He is the man who has brought Buddhism in western world as well. He has dedicated himself to campaign for free Tibet and his non-violence approach made him win Nobel Peace prize in 1989. He has presented some of his excellent works in books like Tantra in Tibet, The Book of Joy, The Path to Enlightenment. Dalai Lama is an outspoken international advocate for various issues and continues to be the spiritual leader of Tibetan people.


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